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1. A New Boiler Can Reduce Heating Costs By 90%

2. The Water Inside Boilers is Not Boiled

3. Some boilers can produce steam at temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, making them capable of powering some of the most energy-intensive industrial processes.

Super Heater

Specifications of Super Heater

Operating Temperature:
Saturation Temperature to 550 C

30 Kg/cm2 to 87 Kg/cm2

3.66 | 4.06 | 4.50 | 5.00 | 6.35 | 8 mm

Material of Construction:

1. SA 210 Gr A1

2. SA 213 T11

3. SA 213 T22

4. SA 213 T91

5. SA 213 TP347H

6. SA 213 TP304H

Super Heaters are typically installed in the flue gas path of the Boiler and are designed to be heated by the hot gases exiting the furnace. The steam produced by the Boiler is then passed through the Super Heater tubes, where it is further heated to a desired temperature before being supplied to the process.

Super Heaters can be categorised into two types: Radiant and Convection. Radiant Super Heaters are typically located in the furnace area of the Boiler, where they absorb heat directly from the hot gases. Convection Super Heaters, on the other hand, are located in the flue gas path of the Boiler and are heated by the hot gases that pass over them.


At Dehu Engineering (India) Private Limited, we use advanced design and manufacturing technologies to ensure that our Super Heaters meet or exceed all relevant industry standards and regulations. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and requirements and offer personalised solutions to meet their unique needs.

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