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An Electrostatic Precipitator is a pollution Control Device to remove Dust Particles from Flue Gases.

Specifications of Collecting Rapping Components:

  • Geared Motor with Connecting Shaft, Couplings,
    Hammers Assembly
  • Frame with Motor and Coupling Guard
  • Rigid Shock Bar Assembly of Collecting Electrodes
  • Constant Speed Angular displacement Hammers

Specifications of Emitting Rapping Components:

  • Geared Motor with Connecting Shaft Couplings,
    Hammer Assembly
  • Pin Wheel Rapping Arrangement with Spiral S.S Wir
    UHB 904 L Stainless Steel Spring Type Discharge
    Electrodes Suspension System.
  • Support Insulators of Cylindrical Type, Conical Type,
    and Shaft Insulator for Emitting Drive Assy.
  • Vertical Drive Three Level Rapping Assy with Sleeve
  • Constant Speed Angular displacement Hammers
  • D.E Emitting drive High Alumina Shaft Insulator

Advantages of ESP Collecting Electrodes :

  • Optimized & Uniform Current Profile
  • Capable to remove particle Size 0.01-10 microne and Clean Entire C.E Profile
  • Better Transmission of Rapping forces across
    the Width & Height of Collecting Plate
  • Good Strength and Rigidity.
  • Improved Collection Efficiency (99.9%)
  • C.E Plates to keep flow smoothly and no
    reentry of dust
  • Straightness and easy install both J Hooks and
    Bolting Systems.
  • Long – Term reliable operation at different
    Combination Fuel with High ASH Content.
  • Rigid & light for the collected dust to be easily
    rapped and removed.

Advantages of ESP Emitting Electrodes:

  • Smooth Surface Finish without Scaling.
  • Proper attachment of Hooks ensuring strong grip
    without causing any weakness of the D.E
  • Optimized / Maximum Secondary Voltage.
  • Effective Charging of particulate matter
  • Uniform Corona dicharge covering entire cross
  • Better Collection Efficiency.
  • Strong and Sturdy design due to Welded in a rigid Support Suspension frame Assembly.
  • Ideal for Indian Coal Ash having high ash content.

ESP Spares Supply Services

ESP Spares

  • Collecting Electrodes-All Types
  • Gas Distribution Screen both Perforated & Grid type
  • Gear Motors for Rapping – Flanged Bolt
  • Gear Motors for Rapping – Foot Mounted
  • Emitting Assy. with Rapping
  • Tumbling Hammer Assy.
  • Shock Bar Assy. with Pads
  • Collecting, Emitting & G.D Rapping Shafts
  • Support Insulators
  • Pin Insulators
  • H.V Bus Ducts with H.T Isolators
  • Earthing Discharge Rod
  • Door Safety Locks
  • PTFE Slide Bearings
  • Hopper Heaters
  • Rapper Insulator (F.R.P) for D.E Rapping
  • Bushing & Pin Insulators
  • Hammer Innear Arms & Outer Arms
  • Emitting Electrodes Spring & Spike
  • Rapping Hammers all Types
  • Huck Bolts with Collar for C.E Bottom Bolting
  • Collecting Assy. with Rapping Systems
  • G.D Assy. with Rapping System
  • Hammers Inner Arm, Outer Arm all C.E,D.E & G.D .
  • Emitting Drive Pin Wheel Big & Small
  • ESP Inspection Doors all Types
  • Shaft Insulators High Alumina
  • Wall through Bushings insulators
  • Mechanical Safety Interlocks
  • Hopper Dust Level Indicators
  • Slicon Boot Seals with S.S worm drive circlips
  • E.S.I MIGI COILS (110/220V-DC +/- 5%)
  • Plain Bearing both Steel and Cast Iron
  • “U” Guide for Collecting Electrode
  • Hook for Support both C.E & D.E Systems
  • Rapper Plungers C.E,D.E & G.D Systems
  • Rapper Insulator (F.R.P) for D.E Rapping
  • Bushing & Pin Insulators
  • Hammer Innear Arms & Outer Arms

ESP Components

  • Shaft Insulator Heaters
  • Hopper Heaters
  • Heating Pads all Types
  • Earthing Discharge Rod
  • Roller Bearings
  • Helical Spring for D.E suspension
  • Top Tad pole Collecting Support
  • Bottom Tad pole Collecting Support
  • Purge Air Blower with Air Filter

Services for ESP

  • Project Design
  • Planning
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Supervision of Erection & Commissioning for ESP, Bag Filter & Ash Handling System
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