Products with Design and Detailed Engineering

o IBR Plate and Forged Flanges (Upto 1000 mm)
o Pressure Parts Manufacturing with IBR Approval
o Piping Manufacturing with IBR Approval
o Package Type Boilers (1 Tph to 10 Tph )
o Boilers with different Combustion System (1 Tph to 20 Tph)
o Deaerator and Storage Tank
o Silencers
o Screw Feeders
o Drag Chain Feeders
o Bagasse Feeders
o Pneumatic Spreaders
o Fans
o Aerofoils
o Dumping Grates
o Travelling Grates
o Reciprocating Grates
o Pin Hole Grates
o Air Preheater Tubular
o Dampers
o Metallic Expansion Joints
o Chimney
o Feed Water Tank
o Economisers
o Evaporators
o HP / LP Dosing Systems
o Steam Piping
o Water Piping
o Sample Cooler
o Wet Scrubber
o Thermic Fluid Heater
o EOT Crane upto 50 Tons
o Scrubber
o Seperator
o Pressure Vessels
o Analyser Shelters
o Flow Metering Skid
o Pig Launcher and Receiver Station
o Pumping Station
o Gas Gathering Station
o Remote Control Units
o PLCs
o HIPPS Package

 Products with Technical Joint Venture

Waste Water Management (Enviro Science & Engineering Pvt Ltd)

o Effluent Treatment Plant by Electro Coagulation Method
o Sewage Treatment Plant

Solar Energy (TPV Solar)

o Supply of Solar 1KW to 0.5 MW Systems
o Grid Connected PV Systems
o Off-Grid PV Systems
o Hybrid PV Systems

 Products Manufactured with Customer Drawings

o Foundations Bolts (Using 16 mm to 90 mm rod)
o Structurals (Using 50mm to 600 mm Sections), Structurals–Build-up (Using 10 mm Plate to 70 mm Plates)
o Pressure Parts Supports for Top Supported Boiler (Using 10mm to 120 mm rod)
o Casings for Economiser, Air Preheater (Panel / Assembled form)
o Ash Hoppers & Chutes (Panel / Assembled form), Air / Flue Gas Ductings (Panel / Assembled form)
o Metallic Expansion Joints (from 300 mm Sq / Circular to 2000 mm)
o Single / Multi Flab Dampers (from 300 mm Sq / Circular to 2000 mm)
o Tanks and Vessels (Capacity 500 Ltrs to 50000 Ltrs)
o Silencer for Air & Steam
o Sugar Plant Equipments & Piping
o Skid Assembly for Ammonia Injection Systems
o Bag filter (Complete Assembly)
o Crane Girders (Suitable for 2 MT to 30 MT)
o ESP Casing Panels
o Travelling Grate Frames
o Tube Sheets for Bag filters (Upto 18 Meter)
o Hydro Turbine Casing (Using 20 mm plates to 80 mm Plates)
o High Thickness Profiles
o Complete Machining Solutions
o Vessels, Pump Shell Assembly
o Stator / Rotor Compression Plates for Wind Energy
o Stator End Plates with Machining
o Check Valve Bonnet, Testing Flanges, Lifting Hooks with High Thickness
o Pump related items like Discharge Head, Motor Base, Column Pipe, etc.,
o HT Motor, Wind Generator Stator Body
o Ash Silos (Upto 5000 mm Outer Diameter)
o Pipe Holder and Adaptor for Oil & Gas Industries
o SS Blowers for Heating Furnace
o SS Baffles for Boilers and Heating Furnace
o SS Attachment for Boilers and Process Equipments
o Base Frame Heavy Machineries
o Machining of various items like, Forged / Steel Flanges, Forged / Steel Shaft, Seamless Couplings